Thursday, July 17, 2014

NANA makeup post 2!

ahaha whut. Heres another NANA dump photo posts!?! I tried making a tutorial for this look before but just utterly failed. How do people make makeup tutorials anyway ahaha sooooo much effort I just couldnt!

I also got a new wig (not in the photos) which I was gonna wear to Fanime but I ended up not wearing NANA to Fanime or AX at all aha coz...packing!?! idk =3= I'll be able to cos this forreal someday...uwu

Makeup used: I used a burgundy eyeshadow and dark purples from Inglot. I dont have the exact name of the shadows I used but those two colors are usually my go to for makeup looks >_>;; especially with NANA so I guess you can just look at how I applied the color???

Lashes worn are Pa and Diamond Lash lashes *w* I dont remember which ones either...
Lips I used Melt Six6Six! lovelovelovelovelove it even though it cost more than a mac lippie!
Lenses I used were the princess mimi in brown
Oh look, I tried to be gei and try my hand at Reira too AHAHA 
coz my friend Ruiki was gonna try Shin but Idk if I even included the photo dump here looo
For Reira: I covered my brows with Nyx crayon in pink and over that I applied a dusty pink eyeshadow (the ones you can find at Naked 3. I used an individual color from Pixel called dusty rose)

For the eye makeup, which you probably can't see very well I went with the color palette from Naked 3. A wash of peachy pink on the lids as well as a dusty rose color on the outter corners. A frosty pink eyeshadow on the inner corners. For lips I used my YSL rouge lip in 35(?) and a shit load of contour.

As always the foundation I used for my makeup tests are all Mehron. I use 2-3 different shades to bring my tan butt to a lighter shade *w*;;

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