Friday, December 21, 2012

yes or no 2!

The adorable couple is back to tug at our heart strings one more time! I've had my eye on this movie the moment the announcement was made and after much patience and anticipated I finally found a decent DVD rip with hard subs! And it was definitely worth the wait to see what happened next 

And I'm just gonna stop right here and say. Major Spoilers alert! 

The sequel follows our heroins from the first movie, years later (I think they mentioned 3 yrs later or something but the time line seemed a little off. That or a discrepancy in the subs) as they have finally completed their university time and are ready to graduate and do their respective internships. Pie is off to a fishery and Kim off to the mountains to intern in agriculture. Polar opposites much.

The trailer pretty much gives you a whole look as to what to expect from the movie, so it really doesn't leave much room for imagination as to whats going to happen next. Besides with low budget style movies like this there really isn't much to expect as its just another typical love story. But I think one of their biggest selling point is that it is one of the only cinema released LGBT movie.

Following the trailer, the story takes place 3 years after Pie and Kim has been together and their nearing graduation but before they can complete their courses they have to enter their internships. Pie wants to sign up Puey, her and Kim together to go to a fishery farm to do their internship and to keep the group together.
Kim on the other hand, wanted to go to the mountains to continue agricultural studies (and honestly, it simply makes sense) but has been having a hard time explaining to Pie that she has been looking at doing an internship elsewhere.

Pie, being the selfish kid that she is (I don't mean this in an insulting manner towards Pie's character but you pretty much saw her personality type in the first movie. Kim is too nice and is a simple person. She lives to make her partner happy. And I'm not saying Pie isn't the same)

Fast forward, Kim ends up going to the Nan region and meets up with a new cutie patootie; Yam or Jam. However the translator  translates it. And you can pretty much guess what happens afterwards.

What I can appreciate about this movie though is, Yam isn't your typical cut throat bitch who is out to steal your man or in this case; your woman.So it definitely makes it hard to hate her, in fact, as the movie progresses you pretty much feel sorry for her.

The development between her and Kim are short and sweet, sometimes its hard to even see if Kim is just being nice to her or is really out to be a flirt. I don't know. I mean, they even go as far as to go on little fun "dates" but it could simply just be a friendly gesture. You be the judge of that.

Don't expect a lot of sweet feels from this movie or a lot of heart wrenching heart ache feels either (at least for me it didn't really tug much at my kokoro lol) it pretty much touched on the issues most couples goes through when their relationship is put to the test by distance...

And what do you do and how do you deal when your significant other is trying to constantly play your relationship down to the rest of the world simply because of same sex binary.

 (Who else agrees this wig looks hideous on Tina. LOL. I want to slap the stylist coz. This is just no)

The movie didn't tackle much about the whole same-sex couple but it did lightly touch on it throughout the movie. Questions like "How are we suppose to support each other", having children, and etc. Does all that really matter? Will love conquer all? (cheeeeese)

To be honest, I wasn't expecting Pie and Kim to /really/ break up. OH WHUT. SPOILER. Yes. The warning was up there. It kinda left a bitter taste in my mouth when that happened because you couldn't help but root for this couple. But all ends well because Kim is a persistent bastard and waited for her sweetie for a  whole year.
The movie ends well on a light hearted note and I think it gives the fans the closure they needed and I'm hoping to see more LGBT friendly movies like this in the future. *ahembringmeZaizaipls*

I honestly like the fresh air Asian LGBT movies bring versus the ones we're used to seeing in the west, I may be basing my opinion on this because I've seen far too much of The L Word and Lip Service LOOOOO

If you enjoyed this movie I'd suggest trying to snag a copy of Candy Rain or Love My Life. Both are LGBT friendly Asian films. Sweet, bitter and simple.

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