Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Recent trip to JCP and I didnt realize they actually carry Betsyville stuff there :o
Thought for certain only Macy's and Nordstroms carries it. And the prices are very competitive.
Over the weekend they even had a lot for a few % off! heeeee

Betsy Johnson has been a guilty pleasure of mine since forever but never really managed to grab hold of some of her pieces. And recently with BJ going bankrupted. It seemed like it was the end.
But I think recent news it got bought out by another designer and their back.
Her clothing pieces, in my opinion looks fun and flirty and hime-gyaru-ish but the price point was just a little too much for something that I could have sewn myself.
Her jewelry line on the other hand and bags are a whole 'nother story.

A huge contrast to most of the clothing and accessory pieces I currently now own - most are all very goth-y lol. But who could resist gaudy grundge lol (thats what the label was on the back of the necklace tag .LOL) And a sucker for her packaging. Bright. Bold. Fun.

These watches on top are definitely on my wish list for me to eventually come back for ;A;! I miss wearing watches and I realized I need some 'nicer' 'classier' watches since I mostly just wear sports one. They can take a good beating. Hah. And wouldn't look too much of an eyesore against my coordi's?...

Shamelessly wants those gaudy rose bracelets lol. I need more color in my life. Or just more leopards again hahaha.

The one thing that caught my eye and I just *had* to

Super gaudy necklace lmaoooo I haven't worn it since getting it on saturday. Need like. Proper coordi with this. lol. All the stuff I own are very...gothic lol right now. Urgh. Orz its sooo girly. obnoxious and gaudy lol.

$15 off at Sephora gift card for Beauty Card holders and after avoiding and eyeing this for years (??? this came out a long time ago) I finally got the damn Naked Palette. Ironically after getting it. I was craving to wear color. LOL. Whut. Whut. Whut. I still have my coastal scents palette so it'll do. Heehee.


  1. Your nacklace is SO amazing! All the BJ outlet here or even shops don't carry any decent cute accessories after they got a big sale when it went bankrupted =_=

    1. Wah thanks :3 I actually got these from JC Penny! And they were definitely for a steal! I want to go back and just clear out JCP's collection of BJ stuff OwO;;; since their kinda on sale right now >w<