Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cosplay Shops on Taobao - overseas friendly! & Shopping Services

Here is a list of Cosplay and Wig shops from Taobao that will sell directly to overseas shoppers:

I got this list off a friend a few years ago, so this isn't very up to date as I don't really do much wig shopping anymore on taobao. but here is a comprehensive list of sellers that will sell directly to overseas buyers without the need of an agent.
The only thing though, these sellers *only* ships EMS. Best to do a group order to split the cost of shipping among friends.

Remember, the longer/heavier the wig is, the more your shipping will cost you. What I also like about ordering wigs from these sellers, most if not all the wigs they carry are pretty thick and heat resistant.
A lot of the shops I'm listing down below carries a lot of the really popular cosplays being done, sells costumes, wigs - both character wigs and base wigs. Alot of the times you'll find just "base" wigs in a variety of colors that you can cut, trim and tease to the character you need it to. They also carry small props and misc accessories.

Fantasy Sheep
Lucaille Wigs
Grand Young
Wig-Supplier - not really a taobao shop per se but they do carry a lot of the similar wigs you find on taobao. Just not as a wide of a variety. I also have a review from them here

Taobao Shopping Services:

Most taobao shopping services do charge a fee for their services, some more than others And alot of the times these taobao agents offer free or discounted domestic shipping, which means its free for them to receive the items from the said shops your ordering from. They will be able to let you know on the quote if they quality for it.
I'll keep updating this list for agents and whatnot! (10% service fee)  (8% service fee)

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