Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Its 4am. Its cold. Why am I still up wearing mario pajamas and pastel warm fuzzy socks writing here blogging. LOL. Hmm. I guess I'm probably playing catch up then. Wow. Only 2 days left in the year and we are going to be welcoming 2013 soon! So I guess this would be more or less my recap post to end the year? I feel like I haven't done much of a blog posts here lately. This has been definitely neglected space. Its funny looking back at how old this blog is, or more like how long have I been blogging owo;;; all not seriously. Mostly ramblings. I've probably gone through quite a number of different engines before really settling down with blogspot. But yeah, I digress...

I'm honestly not really big on the whole 'year is ending, time to start a new' type thing. I wish I was but I just feel pretty indifferent towards it.
I guess the only thing that significance another year coming, to me personally. I guess, it just signifies another year is ending, another year is starting. Thats another year to add to your notch of how old you are LOL! And you start to consider, man, what have I been doing with my life?! And then you start to look back and question your priorities (lol) and also start to reminiscence how much time has passed, whats happened in all these years. etc etc etc. New experiences, new people, new events. Or simply the fact that you've been doing this for far too long LOL and then what. I honestly dont know where I was going with that.

But yeah, wow, I guess I can say 2012 has definitely been an interesting year. I can't really recall whats happened, whats changed. It just felt that everything after 2010 has just all merged into one big ball!  All I know is, I've definitely drove up to Los Angeles quite a number of times lmaooo than I have ever really wanted to during the summer time lol and probably squeezed in as much shoots as I could possibly do. Unfortunately, one of my biggest projects; Code Geass has definitely been put on the back burner x__X I've been pulling 6 days a week at work lately so its really hard to keep the fire going on a project as big as that.
I haven't even really done much in terms of sewing and prep work for the last two cons of the year; PMX and ALA. I'm still behind on PMX photos. not like there really was much to post from there. Hopefully I'll come back from ALA with more photos lol...

I am definitely looking forward to a break, I'm feeling quite burned out. Hence the hiatus lol. (That and I've been trying to hop onto COD as much as I can to take advantage of all the xmas n00bs. Hey come on man, even Treyach did an announcement on the Xmas noobs and asked us all to treat them kindly LAWL)

So I guess this will also be my holiday posts~

 Christmas was spent, well, I wouldn't necessarily call it quiet but definitely a humble one. Had a few friends over and whatnot. it just sucks that it had to be on a Tuesday and I had to work Monday before that. We we're suppose to try and catch Les Miserable but that didn't happen either. A few goodies I've snatched up from XMAS from friends and family~ That cook book. omg. I'm excited to try making macarons LOL. Eventually. FFFF. I just need....time orz time time time. Oh well.

Had way too much food during xmas and we still have plenty of left over kbbq that we're slowly whacking away at  lol. Along with the xmas goodies, I finally snatched myself a Gothic Lolita Wig during their 15% off holiday sale, I snatched the brown x blonde split gyaru wig. A full review will be coming up eventually lol~ I've been eyeing this wig for quite sometime now but was always hesitant to get it, and when I was finally up to getting one. Forever sold out! But yes I finally snatched me one!

But yeah~ 2012. I did quite a number of shoots but sadly the momentum died down when it came to planning a big project. I still have a few projects I definitely want to tackle come spring when things are warming up again or something. but one thing I definitely don't miss, other than the planning segment. Its the time and effort it takes to sit down and sew the costumes needed for said projects and having pulling 40+ hrs a week is defiantly slowing me down. I kinda don't mind lol but I know I'll be itching to shoot something after winter hibernation period ends. I'm curious to see what 2013 has instore and this blog is definitely needing a face lift. So I /need/ to shoot something soon so I can make a new layout hahaha!

One thing I'm definitely looking forward to come spring is the cherry blossoms, I wonder what my big shoot will be for Sakura Matsuri hahaha and I'm hoping 2013 will be the year I get to go back and visit San Francisco and San Jose for Fanime~ we'll see! Big plans are always big but delivery is always another thing. Haha. Bring it on 2013! Please bring me good luck~

It is way too late for me to be blogging and I feel that I'm just rambling and typing to take up useless space orz. But I do know I have a few posts lined up I'm working on.....hurhurhur. Interesting how this is a personal lifestyle ish beauty blog cosplay meshed into one. Oh, lets not forget photography. Hahaha. Ok. I'm logging out now. I'll probably come back later and delete this. Just because. 

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