Friday, January 11, 2013

Back from ALA 2013

Back from ALA~ I don't really have much of a photo dump to do since I'm not entirely too happy with the quality of photos I got from ALA. Nor did I really take much to be honest. I think I also mostly abandoned PMX lol.

I really dislike doing "con" shoots orz. Since I've been spoiled by doing private shoots that when you go to an over crowded convention you just feel blegh towards shooting. Not to mention I'm so out of the loop with a lot of the new animu series thats come out since.

From what I can recall at Anime Los Angeles, there were definitely /alot/ of Magi and Sword Art Online cosplayers. And I can just see them growing some more lol! ALA didn't nearly have as much Kuro no Basket cosplayers as PMX did. Heeee.

So I guess I'll probably just dump the photos I took from PMX and ALA into this one big blog posts.
 The only thing I really shot during ALA was my sisters Macross Frontier cosplay. And even then, I can hardly say there we're enough to really do a decent dump on orz. But if you guys are interested to see some *good* photos from the weekend hop over to my friend Anthony's website; and you know what, while you're at it, you should go ahead and book a shoot with him too ;D hes such a swell guy~ do it. lol.

But yeah~
One thing I did realize was, I should have invested in a reflector and soft box before hand. I /was/ going to buy a new lens too but meh that all flew out the window. I have another shoot in a few weeks (2???) and I just ordered a soft box, should come in by Tuesday *w* kinda excited to play with it and see what kind of shoot we have instore for January. Heeeeeeeee I miss shooting. (oh geass, you are such a beast, I don't even know where we are there honey) and hopefully then I'll be able to sit down and do a layout overhaul or something. Its been almost a year since I updated the look. Clearly, I'm lazy when it comes to this sort of stuff /: I use to be obsessed with HTML, codings and layouts when I was younger but blegh. Who's got time for that nowadays LOL! 

I didn't have a badge for ALA so I wasnt able to really hangout in the pool area where most cosplayers were but I later found out you could have sneaked around. Oh well, I pretty much chilled in my hotel room most of the time if I wasn't waiting for my friends to get ready. Hee. By the time we got to the hotel, the lobby was just too pack )': and has terrible terrible lighting. And if I wasn't trolling the con with my friends, I was probably getting drunk off some good Russian vodka orz. So sorry if I have such boring con reports lately lol. I'm such a boring person these last few cons hahaha. But definitely looking forward to a pretty cool shoot by the end of January. Not sure what we're doing for spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom again.

Photo diary dump courtesy of Instagram though~  (you can always follow me on instagram @dearxx)

 New ring~ reminds me of Monomania but less vikeiii lol. Ash got me fake nails lol. I don't really wear nails. I rarely even do my nails coz I'm lazy and I keep my real nails cut down to the stubs lol coz if I have long nails orz can't game. Can't type and I'm just bad with being dainty with nails period. 
But these would be fun coz they came with the sticker backing :o oooh lol

Sheryl getting ready to be fabulous before the Con. Me and Hannsel being hungover at Ihop the day after the con. Ok, maybe I was hung over. Clearly with the durpy look on my face.

 Star Wars 2013 Planner by Moleskin was 50% off at Barnes and Nobles~ I know a lot of people got the Le Petit Prince planner but I couldn't give up the force lol (secretlywantedlepetitprincebutlooool) The Body Shop also had 50% on their makeup! I needed new foundation so I grabbed this one. Coverage is medium to heavy, its definitely buildable. Doesn't oxidize like most mineral foundations do. And I managed to finally score myself some CROSS print leggings from Cotton On. They were sold out quickly at Forever21 and  blegh couldn't be bothered to order online. I want a pair of Boy London ones a long with their shirt. Which is definitely on my next taobao order along with a VW purse. No shame. 

 Forever 21 has some of the most pretencious tanks. Ever. LOl. I like the one on the left coz its got the distressed ripped parts but I'm pretty sure my mom would back hand me for wearing it hahaha and I'm not a fan of muscle tanks anyway~ I wish they came out with the shirt that Roony Mara wore in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

 I'm pretty sure that shirt has circled around Tumblr among all the gawths lol. Heres another shirt that should have been released but was pulled by H&M because people were protesting against the movie orz so I guess it never got released nationwide. Sadness.


  1. ..... Damn protesters ruining everything for us (fashion-wise). I, too, was jonesing for the shirt from GwtDT.

    And eh sorry cons've been boring you. O: Or at least not been stimulated enough to prompt more pictarz.

    Still, y'all're an adorable and attractive group of people. *jelly*

    1. yeah I'm so bummed I was so excited when I saw the teaser line )':
      so disappointed lol. The con was just too over crowded and in such a small area. The lobby can only hold so many bodies.

      waaah thank you, you're too nice sweety>3