Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GG Gatsby Hair Spray

A few days ago I poked my head at Marshalls in search of a collapsible travel hula hoop and also for some cheap deals on good hairspray lol because I can't seem to find Got2B  anymore in most stores in my area /:
and I always usually tend to score some good salon deals at Marshalls/Ross. I use to get all my stuff at the cosmetologist store and get them half off but lol license required.

I posted a instagram photo of some GATSBY hairspray and spazzed. Well, upon further research, its not the gatsby we all know and love....was pretty skeptical at first to even *find* Gatsby in my area o_O and for it to come in a pink bottle and the back instructions were all in English. I just shrugged it off and went on my way. This pink 'gatsby bottle' is actually an American brand hairspray from the Gatsby Salon in New Jersey. Made popular by some tv show called Jerseylicious

The original bottle of Gatsby hairspray that most of you visual kei fans are probably looking for is the original grey bottle which Mitsuwa use to carry. eBay doesn't carry them anymore but you can probably check but I wouldn't want to drop$18 on a bottle of hairspray /: unless of course you really really love your hairspray.

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