Monday, January 21, 2013

girlconomics & more shameless haul

I had meant to post this over the weekend but I got lazy caught up in some things...So here goes another round of "shit I bought but shouldn't have but regardless you're probably going to judge me anyway :D post" but look at me being more productive and blogging more frequently lol but it honestly probably won't be long till I go into hiatus again lol...because eventually you do run out of things to talk about lol. 

BUT DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE MY NIFTY NEW LAYOUT?! :D ok its totally nothing special, I just saw the image floating around tumblr and it was too cute not to use. And of course, credit is given to the original artist :o (left bottom corner) I might end up changing it later after this weekends shoot but I was getting tired of looking at the old one lol but a new year, a new look.

Museum sadly also didn't happen, photoshoot this coming weekend in Los Angeles. So hopefully the following weekend can hit up both exhibits in one.O w O 

And.... before I go onto the shameless and lazy instagram photo dump, I'm sure people will judge and question where you get all the cash to burn on useless girl shit and whatnot. Mint made a post a while ago discussing the economics of burning cash lol....directed here and to be honest, a lot of the stuff she says there does make sense. And not to mention I'm a grown adult, I have a full time (40-45 hr) work week and I get paid way above minimum wage, I also work freelance projects on the side. I am in debt from school and medical bills but I refuse to let that dictate my life. Sometimes you just gotta spoil yourself once in a while. 

I also make it a point to have a system and a budget on how I spend my stuff, I buy a majority of my stuff via ebay. I'm always looking for deals or flipping the clearance lines and mostly get stuff I need and really weight out the options between need and want. I also waste a good chunk of time debating in my head if a said item is worth paying full price for or if I can make a dub for it for a lot less. And if I can do without it or not.

I also set up a savings plan on my debit card, for each swipe of my card a percentage of that purchase gets taken out of my primary checkings and into my savings as well. So for example, if I bought an item for $10. $12 gets taken out of my checkings, the $2 gets put into my savings. So the more I spend, the more money gets put into my savings account. 

I also have more than 1 checkings account and more than 1 bank account to really help me budget.

Looking at DIY stuff really helps me save a good chunk of change too, and obviously cooking at home is always a much better option to save your money. Now onto the shameless haulll and postage.

This will be probably my last few 'haul' posts for a while since its the end of the season (aside from my taobao posts and the one from hip-hop candy) I've pretty much gotten most of the stuff I needed/wanted to last me a good while from now till the weather warms up and even still I've gathered enough stuff from last season to last me a while as well....
Went to get my car oil changed earlier this weekend only to be told two of my tires are balding so I had to go and get those replaced. Boo. I need to go back and get 2 more replaced in a bit. I have a few more mileage on them before I need to replace them. )': you kids better be grateful when your parents give you a car because most likely they'll pay for the maintenance themselves hahaha...and while waiting, I ended up wondering into stores I shouldn't have .___. because the result was; Vertical stripe leggings and skull scarf~ wheee I finally got a skull scarf, this was more or a regret buy because I feel that I could have gotten a better deal online /:

Got a free sampler from Clinique. I have the Tea Tree Pore Refiner too. I haven't really used it much since the weather is still pretty cold. But come on spring! I'm ready for you D8< 

new case for my phone~ currently I go back and forth between the silicone melty ice cream case and a clear plastic one. They dont really lock into the phone but it does cover it all the way around but grabs dirt easily but can be easily cleaned off as well with some alcohol. Wanted something sturdier that would lock into place and I've probably searched online for a good week before settling with this one. Unlike the iphone, the galaxy doesn't get much love in terms of cases. But thats ok, I don't need to horde thousands of them LOL! Normally I would have opted for a cute rilakkuma case but meh, its time for a change so I opted for this cool wood  tribal design OwO

And for the first time in years I went and shopped at Urban Outfitters. I generally avoid that store like a plague because of their over priced hipster items lol but I cannot deny that I managed to score $6 Doc Martens there before (which I later sold on ebay) I got the shirt for a friend, I initally wanted it for myself but then I thought better because I'm sure hipsters would throw their over priced coffees at me lol because I don't smoke but I do own a zippo lighter LOL (for incense and their also handy for burning the tip of your pencil liner to make it smoother and darker. I learned that from someone lol) but yeah, the shirt was for a good deal but what ticked me off was their exuberant shipping prices! The shipping cost me more than half it would have cost of the shirt. $10 for a T-shirt. What. Just get a flat envelope, shove it in there and charge $4.55. Maybe $5-6 to include shipping and handling. But $10 for SHIPPING. Thats insane. Never again Urband Outfitters. Never again.

Lastly, and probably the best buy I did was at LUSH. Also my first product from LUSH. I love that its hand packed and its edible LOL. And The moment I walked into the LUSH shop omg everything smelled so great! A lot of people recognize LUSH for their hand made products, vegan friendly and mostly for their bath bombs. I would have gotten one but I don't have a bath tub and more of a shower person but I can imagine how luxurious it would feel. A lip scrub basically works by exfoliating all those dead flakes on your lips so when you wear your lip stick it doesnt grab onto all those dried up flakes on your lips. Love that this one is bubble gum, edible and it also helps moisturize your lips :D! Normally I would have opted to make my own but this bad boy is only $9 (which isnt bad considering a little definitely goes a long way) 

If you are interested in making your own, heres a links that describes how you can make your own:
Pretty Gossip's DIY Lip Scrub and if you want to try and recreate one that looks and taste like bubble gum, you can use bubble gum flavoring and edible food coloring (the food coloring will stain your lips pink too if you add too much)

Photoshoot adventure this weekend in Glendale OwO I am ready! Lets hope it doesnt rain! Forecast says rain on Sunday. Our shoot is on Saturday. Rain or shine, we're shooting LOL. I think it would be pretty cool to shoot in the rain (but I can imagine it'd be super cold lol Oh well!)

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