Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hunter x Hunter Shoot

Here you guys go~  the not so anticipated photoshoot set from the Hunter x Hunter shoot we did this past weekend. Whee. I'm not back logged lol.I guess it helps when I knew what sort of shot I wanted to do and the outcome I was trying to achieve.

Sadly we only had Ash and Hannsel again for this shoot (their cosplaying as Hisoka and Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter). We originally anticipated more people would show up but the day before the shoot it started to rain pretty badly but we were optimistic. High risk high reward! LOL And we were definitely rewarded with sun shine and muddy treks LOL! *talk about optimism* 

It was pretty difficult trying to find a good location to shoot H x H since I know we were going for a 'abandoned' building feel or abandoned penitentiary but unfortunately being in Southern California we don't get much of that like the East Coast does. 

It was a little bit of a challenge to find the location but we finally found it and thankfully enough it only took them 4.5 hrs to get ready this time versus the 8hrs it took during ALA lol thats why I didn't really have photos from ALA on their cosplay. Hahaha...eeee.

I know I probably dont talk enough about how I plan shoots / work on shoots and equipment I carry. Personally I have a very humble collection of camera equipment. I rely heavily on natural lighting. When I worked for lifetouch studios I was able to work in a studio style setting with lights and etc. I miss those days but you can't exactly have those on most on-location shoots and I like to take the time to study where I'll be shooting and plan ahead. I didn't have a reflector till recently! All the shots were mostly taken in abandoned 'caves' lol and buildings using a external flash on my camera with a soft box and a handy giant reflector courtesy of my friend Anthony of Bits Photography (you guys should check his stuff out. Book him for con shoots lol coz I personally suck convention shoots unless I know the location ahahaha he is more of a trooper than I am when it comes to that)

This was definitely an interesting experiment on my part as far as bouncing lights, playing with minimal light vs dark. Compositions and sneaking into places that smelled like piss. No. Really.

Thanks to my fwends for coming out and helping carry our stuff and holding the reflector and helping us get to all the high places lol. Literally. I've rambled enough, lets move onto the photos~

This next shot isn't exactly part of the set that I intended to show but lol.
It shows how high up we were to get this shot. I wanted to go further out onto the other
rocks on the back to get a better view/shot. But. I chickened out as me and heights do not get along haha.
On my next post on the behind-the-scenes type thing lol you'll see the view from my eyes
and I know its not that high up for most people lol but omg. no. haha.
Ash is just one of those crazy people who like to jump off airplanes. I did most of my jumping off shit
when I was a kid. And well, I grew up and realized I'm not fearless as I use to as a kid hahaha.
I use to jump off buildings and off tables to the pool xD and etc...that story is for another time lol

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  1. I never cosplayed before I wish I could xD But there are never any conventions around here and I wouldnt want to do it alone. These pictures are awesome though! Must be fun!