Monday, November 26, 2012


I have no shame!!!! Ok. I lied.  Maybe I do. Atleast some form of humility I do. Lol.
As many of you know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that Americans spend money they don't have :D (ahem) lots of crazy lines and accidents too ):

Tried to go to best buy but like usual, seeing the line, I got disheartened and its a good thing I didn't go because apparently someone got ran over last night at my local best buy ):

But here is my recent haul from the weekend (and then some). I honestly think its a customary girl thing that we just flaunt shit that we drop our hard earned cash on. (I like to think we work for a living lol. I'm clearly just babbling here) If you follow me on tumblr, twitter or instagram you've probably already seen these.
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I still have back logged photos from PMX that I need to work on as well. Been pretty unmotivated to touch those and still forever backlogged on trying to get Geass going. With the holidays coming up. Shoots have slowed down again. Working 6 days a week keeps me plenty busy too and all I wanna go when I get home is to just chill or shoot things lol  (COD)

If any of you guys are on xbox live go ahead add me; lobstercokroach - no 'c' I do have a ps3 but I rarely go on it tbh less I'm playing GoW or something. I don't have enough games on it. But my PSN is Dearx as well.
hurpdurp. Onto the hauls.

 The skull bracelet was from Icing. Rilakkuma headphones. Super cute and super useless LOL I mean, honestly, don't expect beats quality from them, but as a Rilakkuma fan. I could not let them pass as they we're under $12

I got in line for these bad boys at midnight at GameStop coz they were going for $35 versus their usual $60something oAo! And Best. Investment. EVER.

You can use it on your PC as well as regular headphones or yeah, for shit talking communicating with your teammates. You can hear /everything/ in the game. I don't need to go into much details about it lol  All you need to know is, its legit gaming headset. 

  Viviene Westwood orb neckalce. I've wanted one for so long (even before the days of NANA. Now I can wear it proudly with my VW Rocking Horse shoes and plaid wear LOL)

New Chrome Hearts frames. I'm going to get it redone with my prescription. 

  And of course, my biggest biggest haul of the weekend. I got a new upgrade on my phone line. For the longest time I was debating between the iPhone4 or an Android (Galaxy S2) since all the cute cases are on the iPhone since all the apps I've bought (not a lot. but I did buy a FEW photo apps and etc) are on iTunes already and blargh. I didn't want to download a new software and do all that stuff to transition to the new one. But in the end. After spending the entire Thanksgiving day at my aunts browsing youtube and comparing. I pretty much was sold on the android.

I like the very simple user interface for the iPhone/iTouch. Was super easy to use but I guess I was ready for something bigger and better LOL (not neccesarily bigger. I keep complaining this phone is too big. Coz. it is.) I originally wanted the S2 but was SOLD OUT everywhere D8 I went to 3 different stores but ended up with the S3 for the price of the S2. So. Why not! :D

I'm still getting used to this but I love it already. Awesome awesome awesome display. Its superior to my iPhone3gs. Heeee OwO (the box looks blue but I actually got it in White. YAY I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A WHITE PHONE LOL- I've had blue phones, black, red and even pink)

but yes, I don't plan on taking advantage of cyber monday deals when I already ordered stuff from Cotton On during black friday (just more leggings and a new drape jacket/cardigan thingie. Don't judge me. I'm aware that all my stuff all looks the same LOL. but IDC.)

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