Monday, November 19, 2012

Checking in after PMX

Woah, its been a week since PMX and still no photo dump from me? Well, I didn't really get a chance to do much of a photoshoot at PMX tbh. Once again I got stuck in the hotel till late afternoon (heee OwO;; doing makeup and just getting ready and etc.) We actually got up early Saturday morning to get food at Denny's and just stayed a little longer than expected hahaha. Then we went back to change and ready for the con.

To be honest, the con didn't really give me much to see ): that or I'm just forever late and my usual pose of friends wasn't there ):  and all the good cosplayers we're pretty much scattered about lol or just hard to find a good place to shoot in such a confined area as the LAX hilton hotel ):

but another reason for my absence is:

OuO heehee, I went to pick up this badboy during the midnight release and they even hosted free food and chips at the midnight launch "party" at my local Gamestop. I can't say I've clocked in enough hours into this game at all. Since Tuesday I've been only clocking in a game or two here or there )': work work work. Even tomorrow I have work lol but I'm off Sunday. But then work again~ shwee. 

but yeah back to the con, I should learn to be more adventurous at such small cons xD;; I had intended on attending the concerts in an attempt to get a few shots there but Moon Stream wasn't allowing photos on Saturday nights concert. Only friday night but I didn't get to the con till past midnight on Friday. Hurp.

As for the fashion show, I had every intention of shooting it but at the last minute I got roped into doing hair and makeup backstage instead. OuO;; I wasn't really prepared since I didnt bring my usual makeup train case to do a lot of makeup. Heeeee but it worked out~ I'm waiting for photos for it to pop up *w*

So not much of a photo dump from me, but to keep things from being completely boring, heres some instagram dump LOL. I took out the instagram plug-in on this blog, but if you want to find me there, my username is "Dearxx"

I mostly spent the whole con just "chilling" and just hanging with friends. I probably spent a good chunk of the time in the room playing Dance Central and drinking games ):


that pretty much right there summed up my PMX weekend. And some gets~ and DYI Projects:

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