Thursday, November 1, 2012

230. Lost packages

"mobile" blogging is forever my excuse as to why I don't actively update this as often as I use to. Not to mention tumblr is also really really easy to update and whatnot but it can be pretty unorganized I guess...

Yesterday was Halloween and today is All Saints Day or Dia de Los Muertos. Halloween was pretty boring for me, I was at work. So I shall bore and spam you with my photos from my phone. Coz. Coz I can. And you've probably already seen these from my Instagram/Facebook or even tumblr. Lawl. But here they are again. hurpdurp.

 Wore my Tiger Kigurumi again, I've probably worn this several times in the last few years since getting it. Its the easier Halloween costume I have. LOL and probably SAFE FOR WORK outfit hahaha. But since my hair is red I decided to put on a wig so it'll look alittle better with such a bright yellow outfit. A lot of my co workers thought I was pikachu. Um. Ok. good enough LOL. Maybe I'll get a Pikachu one someday?!
LOL I really want to get a rilakkuma one for this winter *w* hurhurhur. Come to me baby.

 I think I should be better off with red hair...LOL. Wigs are fun. My friend thought I looked like from AGEHA. PFFT. LIES. Bull. But ok. LOL. Why not. Sure.

But yeah, I didn't do anything for Halloween. I went to work. Got off work. Went home. Showered and went to go get boba. And damn, the place is packed with kids D8 (go home kiddies! WTH! lol)

Once in a while its fun to dress up as someone else. I have another wig I ordered that I haven't tried out yet. And another one as well for my Melty cosplay. But thats been 'shipping status' for a few weeks now, I'm starting to think its been lost in transit =A= but my biggest worry as of right now is I had ordered some stuff from a seller in Los Angeles and USPS tracking said the package has been DELIVERED yesterday. But um. yeah, PACKAGE ISNT IN MY MAILBOX. WHERE IT AT?! LOL. So hopefully its not lost and I'll probably swing by the post office and be like 'what the heck man?!' the post man should know my address by heart as of right now since I always order everything online. I rarely go to stores nowadays LOL.

Apparently, I'm going to PMX next weekend too! LOL I was kinda not planning on going considering I got stuff I need to take care off but it looks like Geass is being pushed out a little further again. I want to do Silent Hill already lol, but alas. I need to get everything else done first. But doesn't mean I cant help but plan on the sideline while I'm at it :D;;;

I also sent in my portfolio to PMX so hopefully I'll be doing hair & makeup for the fashion shows~ I need to redo my portfolio. So I guess I need to start playing with makeup again. Sucks when you have no room to really do this. lol. so I don't know how this is going to work but. Want to.
I also want to get some blood and liquid latex. I've been wanting to do some gore FX makeup. So Silent Hill. Please lets make this happen :D;;; I got a plathora of wigs on my que on ebay that I've been wanting to get but with my stuff being "lost in transit" I dont know yet. I want to make sure some of my babies come home to me first before I overload the post with more of my shit lol...

Since I'm going to PMX next week, I totally forgot to order more instax film. =w=ll lets hope Walmart still has some so I can pick up some.

Say hi at  PMX please! and as always, I'm always open to doing private photoshoots so long as I'm not covering a fashion show or concert.

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