Monday, November 19, 2012


So, if you follow me on instagram and twitter you probably noticed I've been going crazy on studding everything and anything I own. No, not really. But still. This is why I own a lot of basic pieces - solids mostly. So I can attack it with studs and whatnot~


 Among the stuff I attacked are my knit beanie, my knit cardigan. I mostly just did the pockets.

And I found this shirt on clearance that has a pleather detailing on the top. I decided to spruce it up by adding studs!

Some tips and tricks I learned when working with studs and where to BUY studs.

-Ebay, I buy all my studs off ebay, thats where you can also buy bulk of some screw back spikes. I have an order of CROSS studs coming in, in the mail as well as some spikes too. Some sellers, if you look real hard even carry Butterfly and skull studs. Some in different colors too.

-I also tried using those 3D nail art stuff, they dont have a clamp on the back and you'd need tacky glue to glue them onto clothes.

-Studding works best on KNITS and pleather fabric. If you're working with studding leggings. Don't do what I did: 

And that was, studding the shit out of it, Directly on. .___. Thats a major no-no. Clearly. As when the leggings are stretched out, the backing tends to rip the knit. OOOh noooo. But theres an easy fix: 
 Since my leggings are clearly ripping and I don't want them to rip any further. When I get home I'll just iron-on one of these patches on the inside.It would help provide a backing to the studs to keep them from falling off as well in the wash. And also helps prevent more tearing and etc!

You can get these iron on patches practically anywhere, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. At the sewing/repair section.

Next suggestion is, if you DO want to stud the crap out of your leggings, is to do a patch. Like so:
Available from Carrie's Store via Store Envy
Using a patch of fabric as a base and studding it.Then sewing it on top would help prevent tearing in the fabric and you can always remove it later if you choose to.

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  1. Oh i really always wanted to add spikes to like all my clothes..i have no patience though haha! I can see your having a blast studding everything!