Monday, August 9, 2010

AX Photodump 2 - Host Style - Black Heaven 1

Spontaneous Ikemen/host style photoshoot featuring Toshi.
I dont recall which night we took these pics, most likely I think it was day 2 at night. All the shots were mostly take at the JW Marriot Lounge.
Gaaaawd I'm in love with that hotel xD;; the lounge mostly. They didnt have a good variety in drinks, but im sure the club/2nd lounge must have has more.


some guy had left a glass of water there, and we decided to well...hijack his table after he left
this was all quite spontaneous coz I dont remember what the hell we were doing exactly that spawned this.

Ithink we both were wearing Geo Green Nudy Circle Lenses xD
or was she wearing blue? o_Oll the blue ones were def. not nudy though....hmm....
iunno, I dont recall xD

this is why i LOVE LOVE LOVED that damn LOUNGE it had EPIC floors xD which provided for epic lighting <3 src="" alt="" width="400">
We kept trying to find a Hot Girl to try and pose with he rbut we couldnt find one TAT

I think halfway through the night we decided we'd settle for a pretty gay boi too /:

These photos were taken I believe...hmm...Day 3 at night?
We were waiting for Mei to come back from CPK to do the last bit of her Macross Frontier
Date Sheryl x Alto photos.

and this time, we were alittle bit more prepared / aka Toshi had actually prepped a proper outfit this time around haha

OutfitBreak Down:

Red shirt - Sex Pot Revenge [Tokyo Rebel]
Tie - Sex Pot Revenge
Pants - I believe the pants were non branned.

Blazer - this was my biggest purchase at the con other than the tablet.
Its by Deorart.

The poloroids were taken with my new Fuji Instax polaroid camera :D
And we took a bunch of shots of her with the Polaroid to use as props
We got a booklet of magazine clippings from her friend at CPK
and we decided to use the magazine clippings as guides to help us on this shoot.

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