Friday, August 13, 2010

lulz pervy mangas

this post will be completely and utterly retarded and unrelated to anything irl thats more importantly happening.
but who cares.
I just blew $25 on pervy mangas LOL xD my friend works in Borders and got me a discount on some mangas. I normally dont like buying mangas anymore when you can pirate them lulz, even though onemanga is down there are ways around everthing xD
but Zone-00 is one of those mangas that I cant simply 'pirate' because I can.LOL. Shin bought vol.1 before and I got into it, I bought vol.2 but I decided to give him vol.2 to keep him busy on the plane to Okinawa. But lo and behold xD hes not coming back ROFLMAO that means fuck you cant buy vol. 3-4 and not have 1 and 2! So I ended up getting em xD;;

lololol. pervy manga readings at work~ lol, I seriously dont BUY mangas anymore but then i realized mangas are one of those things you can always reread again and again /: too bad Book Off doesnt carry Zone-00 TAT but then again, I think I'd rather buy em new /:

and I also got a pad/notebook thingie from Morning Glory, its a pad of letter paper? I guess thats the best way to describe it? I normally write letters using ripped notebook paper xD yes, coz I'm ghetto that way LOL! I was trying to avoid getting something 'uberly' cute /:
and this was as close as I could find xD and the ones at Dollar Tree are just epic fail. LOL. So if I got any from Dollar Tree,I'm better off using notebook paper HAHA

but seriously, fail that no one ever writes anymore /: everyones spoiled by emails and etc, Ilike emails for their convenience and cheapness but. bland D: and I like hand written letters more since its more...personal? and I think its always NICE to receive something in the mail - other than stuff you've bought online and are anxiously awaiting for xD

I always make it a point to carry stamps with me :3 just not envelopes. But stamps for post cards. Too bad it requires 3 freakin' stamps just to send a letter to Okinawa! D:

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