Friday, August 6, 2010

omg, where do I start??? I intended to write something last night but that didnt quite happen.

but one things for sure, fuck! I am so sick and tired of moving! TAT its a pain in the ass!
anyways before I get into it. Please allow me to back track real quick.

Last night was kinda fail LOL! me and my friends intended to go to the release party for URBANIST! But when we got to our dissappointment, the party was actually being held in a CAFE! Not a club / bar like we had thought it would be! o_O or something? Iunno. I was kinda turned off quickly, normally im not a bar/club person but. the venue was SO SMALL! I love cafes, dont get me wrong, but it felt too cramp just driving by and the search for parking was also a pain in the ass. DAmn you downtown. /:

and lets not get started at our failure in wardrobe. We all had a wardrobe dissaster. I was very ill-preprared and ended up not knowing what to wear =3=ll man, next time I should plan ahead of time instead of wasting a good couple hours throwing outfits together left and right.
I had even left work early to try and get ready and shit. LOL! but ended up not going to the party and etc. Hahaha.
So instead of going to the party, we wandered around Downtown~ I seriously take San Diego for granted! So now I am on a quest to try and experience it more and more *_*

We went to URBAN OUTFITTERS. I have a love / hate relationship with that place to be honest xD! I dont consider myself a HIPSTER. I think thats more of my sister's style but there are some items that I did like at Urban Outfitters. Mostly their baby doll dresses. I've always liked the whole baby doll dress x Dr. Marten combo :D haha. But I cant justify dropping $60 on a dress! LOL I might as well invest that into a BURANDO lolita dress HAHA (thats not even halfway through one but sitll haha) but stlll~ I like looking at the random items they have there. Especially their headphones. Iunno, I really have a thing for headphones D: and I like looking at novelty items for apartments too xD! haha I wish I had my own place to decorate to my hearts desire. I'm so sick of moving TAT and the idea of knowing I have to move again, really doesnt motivate me to really unpack or decorate the room im at rightn ow. Its ok. Thats just how it is.

Anyways, while at Urban Outfitters, my friends found some $20 DR. MARTEN BOOTS! OMFG STEAALL!! yes for having small feet! and yes for finding them in the GUYS Section xD! And of course in all my obnoxious glory, they are PURPLE! HAHAHAHA. I know I already own glittery purple military dr. marten styled boots but those are KNEE high hahahaha. These ones are SHORT ones and are a darker purple/not glittery. Less obnoxious :D I might consider selling my purple knee high ones.

I dont know how well the colors shows up. but yeah :D their love~ hahaha. I kinda really wanted a pair of BLACK ones but my friends pointed out I own too much black as is already anyway. I guess thats true. Haha. Now I'm on a hunt to collect me some baby doll dresses to go with the boots and a nice cardigan or something since I dont like bare shoulders! xD;;

Instead of trying to buy one, I started looking online for some patterns and ideas for different baby dolls~ I really wanna get back into sewing anyway :3 and I figured If I have limited internet acess in where I'll be living in now. I might as well try to be as productive as possible or something. I dont like buying patterns since I can draft my own pattern, but sometimes I just get lazy /: that i'd be easier to just BUY one D: oh noes! lOL!

We wanted to try another cupcake shop in Downtown too but it closes at 10! and we got there pretty late /: so we then instead headed back to BABY CAKES! haha. This time, I wasnt feeling adventrous with cupcakes, iunno, I was really craving VANILLY BEAN cupcakes but they only have reg. vanilla. /: it was kinda...bland. I really want a NICE TASTE and SMELL of Vanilla. Sorry BABY Cakes, I didnt quite get that with your cupcakes /:
I also want to try VANILLA ALMOND CUPCAKES! O_O I might as wel just get back into baking, but! OH YEAH! I dont have a kitchen! STILL! HAHAHA xD;; i neeeed an apartment and maybe I can start a cupcake business of sorts from there HAHA!

I also ordered MORACAN MINT Tea. I wasnt impressed with the flavor /: it might bebetter when drank warm, but I got ICED tea instead. Should have stuck with PASSION Fruit tea. well, atleast i TRIED! haha

icing art~ boredom at its finest.
LOL. im sure it doesnt look very clear on the photo.

Sat around and talked some more~ then we headed home. La~ I tried to watch the THAI version of shutter when I got home. It wasnt quite working. And last night was my last night at my place and I had to pack and move. 

This morning....was...interesting. No one was answering their phone - big drama in me trying to get to where I need to go. But all is well now I shall spare the drama of what happened this morning. BUt as of right now, 75% of the crap I own are in storage! And the rest, are in bags/suitcases that I will not unpack. and will just live out of a suitcase once again like I did back at the Ellwoods.

Theres a few items I didnt think I would need and ended up throwing them in storage but upon arriving to the new room, I need to get some items back. Namely a lamp and some extra pillows. 
For the majority of this week, I'll be bumming at my brothers place, and when mr.E comes back, I guess I'm back to sleeping in the room I'm designated to. I checked the place for some wi-fi connection before I left and I was pretty sure I found an unsecured line! w00tw00t! I heard that one of the people stayingi nthe house has internet O_O mebe when I bump into him, I'll ask if i can leech off the internet for a small fee :D so it wont be so terrible / I wont be confined to starbucks and free wifi places after dark xD and as much as possible, im trying to book up my weekends so I'm not stranded in Lola Gene's house xD! lololol. Andit would help pass the month or two for me faster. I reaally really need to egg phoebe and kuya to get their shits together so we can get an apartment SOON! Since I'm really at the end of my whits almost!

the entire time I was dealing with my lil drama episode this morning, I really just kept thinking that I hate hate hate relying on other people for help or just ingeneral. I feel like I really am better off on my own TAT fuck. but yeah, lets forget about that shall we.

My blonde hime loli wig finally came in, I forgot about it completely. I tried it on and i dont ahve pictures of it sorry, haha it totally doesnt feel like me HAHA but again I did want to try and be diverse in styles~
but I personally think it works very nicely for a GOTHIC lolita dress. YEs. I am on the quest to find the perfect GOTHIC lolita dresses. yes. plural. I want ore than 1. theres just something about the old Gothic and Lolita all black garments that looks so elegant. and pretty. I like sweet lolita to but i really just want to find an elegant black dress. Preferably no prints at the bottom~ the quest begins!!!!!!

ps: last.FM is the next biggest thing I have discovered xD!


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