Monday, October 11, 2010

Photo dump~ I havent been updating lately. Life has been busy busy. I wont bore you with my real life drama llama :D

preparations for XD Eksdee's launch has been pushed back but we're still working hard, theres plenty of things that needs to be done. Several events are coming up since its Halloween! :D
photoshoots to do, stylings to do, costumes to sew and prep for fashion shows. Oh my!

For now, I will leave you guys with a random photo dump from this week.


lol, I like the new 'short' cups at Starbucks. Secret menu for the win :D
their not advertised on their store but you can certainly ask for them :3

I think its funny, SD is super warm in the morning but when the sun goes down
its like 'hello winter! freeze freeze freeze!', the last week we've had a spree of COLD weather and now all of a sudden, its WARM again D': I decided to give them a shot since it was cold whenever we have meetings outside D': since EVERYONE and their MOM is at freakin' starbucks hogging up all the damn OUTLETS! *rage*

I use to DISLIKE Starbucks 'hot' coffee drinks but I figured I'd give it a shot >D. And now I'm addicted. mhmm~
I personally like the carmel machiatto and I just DRENCH it with vanilla powder XDDD! and whenever I fill up my point card and get free 'shots' I like to get a shot of Toffee Nut! :3



Cafe Hue, my new favorite spot to go to. IF I can FIGURE out their stupid wifi! >DDD
I mentioned in another entry, I really like their place, they have waffles, crepes, coffee (hot and cold!) and gelato! O_O review coming soon~


The boots I was raving about last week viatwitter  >D

Their ANOTHER pair of Doc Martens and once again I got them for a bargain! :D I own the exact or the exact same cut in 'purple distress' :3
I normally prefer platformed boots but I love Doc Martens so I dont mind running around short in these haha!

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