Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have no real title for this!!! LOL So I'm just gonna label it entry 216! Wah, so creative ya?! Yeah, I've been terrible on blog updates or more like I dont really do very personal updates lately /: idk why. But yeah, so heres to one of those. SO heres a recap of my summer so far (other than me dying from the heat and clear procrastination on working on geass  orz it will be done.omg) and sorry for lack of updates, I use to do these posts more often before but I have a terrible social life and lack the motivation to prowl the mall like I use to. Lawl.

I also clearly lack motivation to do outfit posts like I use to (I got nostalgic and went looking back at some old posts from my old LJ and old blogspot posts oh man.....what was that) also I think I'm simply not as adventrous in terms of fashion as I use to be - aka laaaazzzyyyyy

): but yeah, so I'm just gonna go ahead and dump a bunch of stuff in this entry and its probably made of absolute nonsense. So I apologize if you're hoping for a real legit entry orz....

But yeah, with instagram, tumblr and twitter theres really no need for lengthily blog posts anymore in my opinion ;A; but its so bad LOL its making us all lazy.... and now I feel like these entries are simply a waste of space now when most of these photos came from my instagram which you can see from the side.
 I really dont know where I'm going with this entry tbh....

Lol this is how I spent my labor weekend - I wont lie, I probably was intoxicated friday night till Sunday evening. Every night was a different drink and every night it was a different reason to be drinking and the saddest part was I was drinking alone knocking time off playing COD. Totally excited for Black Ops 2 but I don't get why they want us to spend an additional $20 just to get Zombies Nuke Town ;A; I want it I want it I want it but I don't want to pay for the elite pack?????

Also took my mom and lil bro around Clairemont to the different Asian markets and lol, I think my mom found her new Haven; Marukai's Daiso market. The  $1.50~ (plus tax) store hahaha and Zion korean market where my little brother found heaven;

 ALL THE MELON BARS HE CAN EVER FIND!!!!! LOOOOOOL Melona (the brand) I believe also carries BANANA and Strawberry flavors. I've tried the strawberry one, its good *u* but I'm not entirely sold on the idea of the Banana one....

make uppppp haull. ok, not really a haul but I was at walmart and saw these for like $5 where normally elsewhere they can easily run you  $9!!! tbh was really hesitant on these, coz I'm not a fan of CREAM eyeshadows coz I think thats just asking for crease-ville to happen on your lids D8

Not to mention how lazy I am as of late to really wear proper eye shadows orz (what has happened to me /sobs/) I use to be better about that. ;A; I was planning on doing a full face today - lenses, lashes and everything on my trip to the museum just coz I can!!! coz I haven't dolled up in so long. NOPE. DIDNT HAPPEN D8< coz I was running late. LOL. omgwei. Shouldn't have drank the night before...

but yeah! so I saw a swatch of this somewhere online and thought it had a pretty mahogany color - and I don't really own a color like it, and tbh wasn't sure what color would go with it....so when I wore it, I just wore it as a single all over color on my lids. Maybe black will go nicely with it and some deeeeep redddd gothic vampire lips HAHAHA (if I had the balls to wear such dark lipstick. I should probably try a very dark gothic-y coordi someday)

 And there is the very sad pathetic progress of Code Geass ;A; I shouldn't be posting this yet coz it doesnt make sense! but behold pannneelllsss omg lol

the highlight of my weekend honestly was the trip to the natural history museum this afternoon to see the TITANIC EXHIBIT! In it, we were handed boarding passes with a name of a person an their 'story' and in the end we get to find out if we lived or died lol....

I was a first class passenger, prominent musician and teacher??? *u* and I found out I lived in the end! my friend also lived xD but her husband wasn't so lucky...and she also forgot to check if her kids were alive or not......ಥ⌣ಥ

the exhibit was short, somehow I was expecting something else, but I think it was ok. It was crowded which kinda annoyed me a bit, I should have gotten the audio guide to go with it maybe that would have made the exhibit more fun and more informative as there really werent enough signs and etc there. not to mention theannoying kids that people kept bringing with them, I cannot understand why parents would bring 2-5 year olds to see an old ass ship that sank down years ago when they probably could give a rats ass about it D8
lol /bias/

Conlcuded the day with a trip to Boba heaven *u* I got milk tea with milk pudding. zomfg. been craving it for a long time, wish mine was colder but I appreciate that they didnt drown it in ice (or even had ice in it at all) so it didnt water down my drink! *u* hurhurhur.

Also planned our next photoshoot for this month!! I'm so excited! Its going to be fun and epic *u* definitely not big like Geass status but I'm pretty stoked nonetheless since I get to work with VIDEO, but hopefully its not TOO ambitious of a goal  ಥ⌣ಥ........

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