Monday, September 17, 2012

222. Stan Lee Presents: Comikaze 2012!

Another year for Comikaze has come and gone, and I must say this year seemed to have had more attendees than last year! I guess the bump on advertising really helped attracted more and more people to come.

While driving down the freeway to LAX Convention center I did notice some advertisements on the side of the road advertising Comikaze Expo! WOAH good job guys!
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I didn't really get a chance to hit up most or any of the panels this year - likewise more years I just walk around spotting cosplayers and snapping photos and doing my shopping at the Exhibit hall and just chilling with some friends.
Granted, we also got there quite late and there was a HUUUUGE line outside in the blistering heat as the expo wouldnt let people inside the convention center without a badge at all. At the time I thought they did this because there was another convention running at the same time - to my knowledge, no, we had the whole LAX Con Center to ourselves for the most part? (or atleast a huge bulk of it as I didn't wonder off to Hall D)
So they had people waiting outside in 100+ degree weather but once you got inside there was alady walking around collecting pre-reg papers and handing out the wrist bands quickly. Props to all the cosplayers who came out in costume and dealt with the heat, with the long line to get into the convention center, and having wondered around the Exhibit Hall, I'm sure there were quite a handfull of cosplayers I've missed. I've seen plenty roaming the dealers halls but I personally avoid shooting anyone in the exhibit hall if I can avoid it.
The con also hosted a ZOMBIE run of some sorts, its like an obsticly course but they were charging an arm and a leg to run it/roam it for 30 mins. I hope they improve it next year and was hoping for something more exciting. They also had a booth set up on the side where people could pay to be zombies and they did your makeup accordingly to. Which I'm sure I have some missing photos on this post - which I will have to re-edit this post when I get home to get more of those up in here .__.

In the meantime, I'll just photo spam you guys with cosplayers that I had a chance to spot and shoot while being there. I need to be more active at walking around and catching these people lawl. Goodness.

I also got some swag from the convention - mostly T-shirts shwee! I'll have to re-edit this post! Missing photos oh no!


  1. The second cosplay picture of Rogue and Dark Phoenix is me and my friend Constantine! and :D

    1. Oh yay! Thanks for taking the time to pose :D! Hope you guys enjoyed the con *u*