Friday, September 7, 2012

219. Red hair adventures with hi-lift

Yeah why didn't download this app before ): lol in a sad attempt to use this more than tumblr o_oll and instagram. I usually prefer to do more cohesive posts versus posting random tidbit like these...

but I figured why not? At my lunch break I went to go pick up some *supplies* to fix my ugly roots D:
ugly. nasty and dirty roots. I've let them go crazy on their own long enough. The top isnt THAT bad but the back definitely looks like a hot mess. Thankfully being red, isnt nearly as disgustingly bad as when you have BLONDE hair. I remember having to redo my roots every 2 weeks...3 was pushing it for me. Sometimes I even went a month without having to do it. Thats dedication!

 And now red hair is another ball game, your biggest battle with red hair is color fading ): and then of course, like with any hair color....roots. And for a while I've always BLEACHED my roots, rinse, dry, then dye.
And on days when I am absolutely lazy, I just used vol. 40 with any red dye. I even went so far as to try Garnier red for Dark hair, yes, it worked but as you can tell, there is a slight color difference. Its definitely not as bright and vibrant as the other half of my hair. The middle shaft of my hair (2-3 inches from the roots) were done with Garnier, and inbetween that Garnier dye is Ion Dye with vol. 40.

And of course the rest - which are more vibrant were a result from when I would take the time to bleach my roots and go through the double process of doing it.

I was going to try and grow out my roots to get some sort of funky dirty gradient ombre black to red look. Lol. but no, my roots arent a jet black and therefore it just doesn't look good, especially if hair isnt a fire engine red as I use to have it back in college )': and

And after stumbling on this video:

I got a hard kick on the ass and decided, no the regrowths got to go! Not to mention Toshi also recently kill their hair I guess its just that time of the month when you need to clean your look up.
lawl. Durp.

Watch that video, its very informative and quite similar to what I do - will be doing to my own head tonight. Just...a more visually appealing step-by-step way to do it for those who aren't interested in reading my ramblings. Yes.

So at my lunch break I took a trip down to Sallys beauty supply (I wish they had coupons out this week D8 but nooooo urgh) and dropped $26 of my hard earned cash on my hairrrr. Yes. red hair is a bitch to maintain, its also quite expensive to maintain. $26 ISNT that much to drop on your hair - I know a lot of people have spent more. )': but stilllllllll ( this is probably why my hair is shit hahahaha - actually I do like to splurge on my hair when I can coz,I need to baby this bitch. Now if only weaves werent an arm and a leg and I've probably been spoiled when I could buy stuff from the supply warehouses for super cheap when I was a student in cosmo school. I could get Biolage shit for $6 or 8. Was such a steal)

But yes, moving on to my haul from Sallys. Picked up another mini bottle of the red protein filler, which for some reason is always sold out when I'm there or they just dont  have enough of it in stock as I picked up the LAST bottle. AGAIN. WHY?! I still have half a bottle left at home but I don't want to be caught without one and have to go through the agony or ordering online lol....

More shampoo - which I'll still add the protein red filler in because I am meticulous about maintaining my reds, I should have picked up more conditioner but  I still have a bottle at home  which I am hoping would last me another 2 weeks before I am forced to get another bottle...(of course if I'm in a pinch I can just throw red manic panic + red filler into any conditioner and make my own)

And of course, dun dun dun, HI-LIFT RED COLOR. I avoided using high lift red color before because I just dont think its going to show up the same shade as the rest of my hair, or its going to just  be RED RED.
And the last time I used high lift red it turned my hair gummy. Disgustingly gummy and over processed...

But, I'm lazy and dont want to bleach and dye my roots. So, why not give Hilift color another shot. I picked up Red Hot and we shall experiment tonight and I will edit this post with the results :o

The box calls for vol. 30 developer, but I picked up vol.40 just because. And also vol. 10 for the rest of my hair to refresh the color (but I'll be using my usual shade from Ion 7RR for that)

Procedure: Section your hair into 4 different parts like in this video above demonstrated by David Mayeda. I personally do my own hair and it never comes this clean, but w/e its coz I'm ghetto and refuse to go to a hair dresser lol when I can do it myself.

Start with the back sections of your hair and work to the front, taking small sections in between. Also because as you can tell, my roots are the longest in the back than the front / top since I have better control to see the crown of my hair and the front sections. I'll only be using half of the tube to do my roots, or even just a quarter of it.

Let it sit and process for about 15-20 minutes - watch your head! Since the heat from your scalp will process it faster. And then quickly mix vol. 10 with your other hair dye (I'll be using my Ion 7RR dye for this one) and vol. 10 because I don't need to lift my color at all so I will not be using vol. 20. Its just to refresh the color and make it blend with my roots. Sit for 20 mins. And then rinse! Photos maybe tomorrrroowwww when I have my face on.

I'll leave you with a shameless photo of myself a few weeks ago with my mermaid weavess (no, their not long enough to be mermaid weaves coz these bitches are only 18" someday this hoes gotta get herself some 18" and 24" ones ):< want but urgh. So expensiiiivveeeee and I'm not made of money. And I honestly only wear these on the weekends coz no. Not about to do this shit everyday for work.

P.S: WHY ISNT THERE A LEGIT EYELINER DESIGNED FOR THE WATERLINE?! D8 /majorpetpeeeeve/ I'm going to hopefully check out Inglot tomorrow with mooother and pick up Inglot gel liner since I'm hearing decent reviews from them :o and see how well it lasts on my water line ):<

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