Thursday, September 20, 2012

223. Photo Diary

A week or a day in photos....

Post smoothie work out. I need to get some protein powder to
blend in there so its more filling.
Been trying to be good and hitting the gym more frequently and loading up on
more good stuff for you, I'm not the most healthiest person on the planet.
No sir I am not. But every effort counts to getting there.
Salads for lunch, smoothies and etc.
More water. Lets do it.

My friend still thinks Rilakkuma is pedobear.
I still think hes cute as fuck.
One of the ear on my pretzel bear  broke off.
I also broke off the cupcake on the bottom right corner next to the heart
It was bothering me. It now sits on my desk.
Other than that, this case is still alive and as cute as ever

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipwear in 001 Perfect Peony
Nudish Pink.
I dont like that it settles into the cracks of your lips.
Not very hydrating, but the color does last.
Probably best to prime your lips with a very hydrating balm.

Old...but nonetheless.
I got my BBs new cases so they gather less dust.
I still have to finish building a few other models before I can proceed to get more
I have 2 HG models I need to build.
One if 85% done. I just need to do it.

Mom went insane at Clinique when we went to the mall.
I can say I defnitely am a believer, this shit works.
Also, with the added new change to my diet.
My face has been clearing up better.
Now if only I can force myself to bed early enough to avoid dark circles.
I had the moisturizer before, but never a whole line. mhmm.

A friend loaned me this book. I need to finish it soon / get myself a copy.


  1. Ahh im trying to be more healthy too. I drink lots of water now and am trying to eat healthier with smaller portions. It's hard though. I'm super lazy to freaking work out though :/
    I love your case and Rilakkuma! It's so cute and not pedobear!! I wish i had more Rilakkuma plushies but they are a bit expensive :/

    1. I want more Rilakkuma thing since I never really got into HK growing up, I was more of a Keropi gal but even then, my mom didnt really get me any which I was fine with. Coz now I found RILAKKUMA *u* which is super adorbs. I want more rilakkuma stuff lawl. too cute too cute.
      I recently got a star wars metal thermos thingie so I hope it will motivate me to drink more water LOL to justify the impulse get haha! and Dance Central 2 is coming out soon with 2ne1 on it so I'm super stoked, it will definitely motivate me to 'work out' more since I'm technically playing a game hahaha!