Saturday, September 8, 2012

221. Mall adventures

I haven't done a post like this in such a long time in a pathetic effort to make this blog look more....idk.....also probably because I haven't gone out of the house in so long LOL. Well, to the mall atleast since I feel like its always such a waste of time and I never get any thing there and always resort to ordering shit online. /:

But today was a different day LOL my mom dragged my ass to the mall coz she wanted to try and catch some deals and learn how to wear makeup xDlll......First stop was JC Penny and zomfg where I found some decent deals!!!

 Super obnoxious fun shorts for $10, such a steal considering their like denim shorts and was originally a hefty price. Hur hur hur. shamelessly got the gold denim shorts and the zebra prints below it. *u* One can never have to many obnoxious rock start style shorts HAHAHA. /forever obnoxious/

Some other items that I found interesting, I didnt't get a shot of the SNAKE SKIN jegging pants!! Want so bad but I didn't get it coz I wasn't down to spend that much cash. I wasnt expecting to see anything there tbh. The jacket on the right was nice, but cheap studs are cheap. Its going to fall off with enough wear /: and I do not approve of that ugly side paneling. Whats up with that?!

 Wondered off to Macys and Nordstrom to check out the makeup counters, my mom probably went through practically all the makeup counters there and finally settled with Clinic. She was on a quest to find a specific shade of lipstick. I was also on the hunt for a deep dark red lipstick reminiscent of blood red (think, deep deep red almost black - but after further research, impossible to find. )':

 Mom came out with a whole line of skin care stuff lol and the new BB Cream Clinique has. I personally wear the Missha one so I dont know how much the difference is with the Clinique one versus the Asian branded ones....the Clinique one has Anti-Aging properties and SPF. I think the only thing its missing from the Missha is the whitening properties.

Look somewhat of an outfit shot. LOL. Again, haven't done one of these in years! )':
cardigan type jacket?, Forever21 stud cross burn out tank and distressed denim skirt. Nothing special or standout ish since I've been pretty lazy in terms of coordination lately =3=ll I admire those girls who can dedicate their time to do this all the time. It was a chore just doing my hair and extensions today hahaha.

Stopped by H&M and grabbed some basic pieces; a maroon tube skirt and a loose tank. Which is basically my uniform for work LOL. Anything easy and basic that I can throw on when I'm late (which is everyday) a cardigan and off to work I go.

Then it was to Sephora since I was on the hunt for a super deep red vampire red lipstick. And from their website they were promoting dark red lips so I figured I'd pop into Sephora and pickup the reddest lipstick I can find. And I stumbled on this little guy, and on the top display it looked pretty deep. I tried it on the store and it looked pretty dark. It wasnt till after I paid and walked out that I realized its a deep bright matte color. and I mean BRIGHT

It almost looked pretty weird and awkward in my opinion. Might have to play around with it and see how I can wear such a bright bold color out. Its very....rockabilly. The only time I can see myself wearing this is for cosplaying Esther from Trinity Blood, even then I'm still unsure of this shade and I've gone through 2 different shades of red for Esther.
Red is such a bold statement lip. I probably shouldn't wear such bold eye make if I'm wearing this bright ass color, the color I was really looking for is this one below:

Which from what I can figure, is Manic Panic and I sure hope its pretty accurate and not PS altered )': will have to look into reviews on how long lasting this is and etc. OR I can be smart LOL and mix some eyeliner (black) with the red before applying it. I think I'll have to experiment with that technique so I don't end up with a platora of lipsticks I dont need

The sephora one I got, (sephora brand) lasted me a while, like with any lip color just be careful it doesnt get on your teeth. Now I'm going to have to figure out how to wear this bright red lip color so I don't waste my money on it LMAO. I mean, its not that bad but still. Was going for something super dark and gothy xD for a very goth coordi for PMX if I can't get my Rilakkuma Kigu together intime.

Some items I want but will have to come back for when I get the chance too, so hopefully its still there!! ;A;!!!!!!!

A red bomber style jacket??? I want it!!! D8 and them shoes!! I need both! And the back has a chain detailing! Absolutely need/want! It would look so good if I got the black snake skin pants, the red jacket and one of them sneakers ;A; win win win coordi. But almost doubt it I dont even know when I will get a chance to come back for them...le sigh...since I'm booked all weekends from now till IDK. lawlz. And lastly. Dem heels. THEM HEELS. 


  1. I think the shade of red looks good on you! But since it wasn't the color you were looking for, you should return it. :/ Sephora/Ulta take returns, even if the product is used (took me years to learn this).

    dood... dem shoes *-*

    1. srngownownhow ;A; I need to find my receipt then! It just makes me feel awkward wearing such a super bright color haha rockabilly isnt my deal xD;;

      but yes! them sneakers sobbing coz I need to come back for those babies.