Monday, September 24, 2012

224. BTS Hotarubi Shoot / LA adventures

ohohohooo ok not much for a behind the scenes post coz I didn't really take MUCH behind the scenes photos, well I probably did but I didn't get /all/ the photos up coz really, their just pretty boring )':
and we didn't really have any epic set up tbh you just get some food pr0n from our adventure in LA


The shoot took place in a 'recreational area' in Hollywood OwO (damn all these driving!!!) I didn't really get a chance to snap a lot of behind the scene photos since we didn't really have a helper with us during the shoot, it was basically me, another photographer (Anh, yay) and the 2 lovelies Hannsel and Yuki for this Hotarubi shoot, I did took some videos on her camera but I am definitely not looking forward to scrubbing through the video. Was planning a full blown amv style but, yeah, didn't happen. Since its impossible to shoot still and video at the same time - it would have happened if we had some more helpers with us. But oh well!

SUPER CONDENSED PHOTO BLOG ENTRY UWAWAWAH....After rolling in dirt all day lol ( why do I always end up doing that hahaha idk why. Its probably to get all them angles!!!) we crawled our way to THE GROVE, apparently a super swanky super expensive mall oAo but we were desperate for food...but we managed to stumble on the Farmers Market which - to us Asians, reminds us of HongKong or the night market back homes looool.

stalls and stalls of vendors selling different kinds of food from all over the place! *w*!!!

Clearly, my favorite part of walking through it was the desserts hahaha
we were all probably shamelessly oogling at them. (I know I was eyeing them Macarons badly)

A sustaining meal from La Korea (seriously, is it 'The Korea"? or LA as in Los Angeles Korea?!)
we walked around the mall owo;; but didn't venture very far...

Sunset view! :o ok not really but look at the sky!

Lastly the trip concluded with going  to Puenta Hills for some desserts at Genki Living *w* and custard / red bean filled Taiyaki ohohoho (which is basically waffles lol)

um yeah maybe I'll edit this post with more photos or something, or I'll get around to scrubbing through the footage I have for some form of video ;A;!!! loool So much fail.

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